LOUIE documentary status – April 2016


Happy International LOUIE LOUIE Day!

It’s been awhile since we’ve shared any status updates on the LOUIE documentary, so here’s a little rundown of what’s been going on…

FIRST of all, the film is still being assembled. Most of the principal photography has been completed, but there are still a few interviews we’re hoping to capture, and there’s also been talk of filming some brand-new sequences with some of the surviving principals which may or may not happen.


SECOND, we are very excited to announce a new member to our LOUIE LOUIE team.

Martin Bucky Cameron of DogBrain Studios, will be providing some animation and motion graphics for the project.

Check out this test mock-up he created for the project..

Here’s another example of his magnificent animation. This one was created for the upcoming KSAN radio documentary, another project featuring the talents of the LOUIE team. (Jesse Block, co-producer of LOUIE, is the director for this one)

KSAN Animated Background Test from DogBrain Studios on Vimeo.


THIRD, We ARE sitting on some mind-blowing material, if we do say so ourselves. We’ve got some stories about this song that have NEVER been shared publicly, as well as some exclusive audio and video recordings.


– Members of The Playboys, the very first band to ever cover Richard Berry‘s legendary song provided a recent interview and their never-released recording of the song.

Ken Chase, original producer of the Kingsmen, shared the untold story of the Indiana ban on the song.

– Early audio recordings by the Kingsmen before they ever did LOUIE LOUIE.

– A variety of LOUIE LOUIE recordings by unlikely recording artists, subject to licensing agreements.

– The first and only performance of Richard Berry (songwriter of LOUIE LOUIE) and Jack Ely (original Kingsmen vocalist) backed by the Lady Bo Trio.

The initial film will not be able to share all of the stories but the eventual Blu-Ray/DVD compilations will definitely have a wealth of bonus footage.


FOURTH, This documentary, with a few exceptions, has been mostly self-funded.

We plan to embark on a new crowd source fundraising campaign in the near future.

Stay tuned!

Eric Predoehl (producer, director, webpage guy for the LOUIE project)

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