The Pink Chunk / Conrad Uno – LOUIE of the Week


This week’s LOUIE came about via a Facebook post by Art Chantry

Back in the 1970’s, Seattle had it’s fair share of “proto-punk” bands. in the very early part of the decade, there was Ze Whiz Kidz (more of a performance troupe rather than strictly a band). toward the end of the 70’s, there were early real punk bands like chinas comidas, the telepaths, the tupperwares (screamers), the lewd, the heaters,(heats), the enemy, etc. in between these two periods were the ‘proto-punk’ bands.
most of you out there may have never heard of most of those odd duck bands. they had names like lamar harrington and the lamarettes, the feelies, red dress, mojo hand, the moberleys, the mentors, clone, roland rock and (in this example) UNCLE COOKIE.
i don’t know very much about Uncle Cookie, however. they released a single. i’ve seen pictures of Conrad Uno (of Popllama records and Egg studios) performing with them. there are a few existing posters for thier performances – like this one. that’s about all.
however, the one thing i do know about uncle cookie was that artist Carl Smool was also very involved in them. he did all of their flyers, posters and their record cover. you may be more familiar with carl’s later work – especially for bumbershoot.
this little poster is for a benefit for KRAB radio – the listener supported fm radio station (one of the very first in the country). Uncle Cookie were doing a benefit show to help them stay afloat. also, KRAB was so eccentric in their playlist that they would actually let bands like uncle cookie play live on the air.
but, what i find magical about this poster is the artwork by Carl Smool. it’ so different compared to his later work. try to imagine carl’s paper mache dayglo skulls and his ‘hear no evil’ tshirts. then try to imagine him drawing this picture. i can’t do it.

.. and then Mark Campos chimed in….

This treasure catches Conrad Uno in the space between Uncle Cookie and his tenure as Popllama honcho. Here he is trying to teach himself bass and subsequently creating arguably the best cover of “Louie Louie” there is!

Mark also added this note…

Don’t neglect the b-side, the “Kitchen Cantata”, with the narrator introducing the pots and pans like the parts of an orchestra and then throwing them around the room …
Shout out to Casstina, who many years ago one afternoon let me tape rarities from her collection … I taped this and Johanna Went’s “Slave Beyond The Grave” on the same tape …

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