All-Niters Live At The Barn – LOUIE of the Week


Here’s another LOUIE rarity I’ve never heard of.. . but it popped up on YouTube.

This is a LOUIE LOUIE by the All-Niters “Recorded Live At The Barn” sometime in 1966. It was a “stereo-sonic release” from the “Erie Record Company,” pressed by Ohio Recording Service of Toledo, Ohio. LOUIE was the final song of Side 2 of LP001, which also featured “Long Tall Sally,” “Sincerely,” and “Medley: Buckley, Happy Time.” It was shared via 9711886n’s YouTube channel.

Beyond that, I don’t know anything else about the band.

Maybe YOU know who these folks are?

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  • Jay Mihelich

    This was recorded at a bar called the Barn in Sandusky, Ohio in the summer of ’64. We actually recorded the album during the day and then redid the set at night and overdubed the applause. The band was me, Jay Mihelich, drums, I went by the name of John Black then, Lloyd Hugo on bass, Greg Kobe on sax and keyboard, Don Hermanson on guitar. Lloyd and Don have passed. We had great equipment to record with, but the engineer was a shithead and screwed up the sound. When we got the records and heard them we were very unhappy with them so we bought 5 gallons of gas and burned most of them, I think we saved a few 25 count boxes.

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