Pete Townshend & The Clash – Lost LOUIE of the Week

Today we launch a brand-new variation in the “LOUIE of the Week” department!

The “Lost LOUIE of the Week” is a celebration of legendary versions of THE SONG that were witnessed, but never recorded… (as far as we’ve been able to figure out)!

Here’s the very FIRST “Lost Louie of the Week,” courtesy of my friend Joe Maccoll of the UK:


Jan. 9th 1980,Pete Townshend joins The Clash onstage in Brighton,they played “garageland,” “bankrobber” and “Louie Louie.”

Anyone anywhere got a copy of this?

So YES!!….Does anyone out in cyberspace have a recording of this legendary performance???

Please speak up!!

1 comment to Pete Townshend & The Clash – Lost LOUIE of the Week

  • Richard Scott

    Pete said his guitar was turned down very low. They played London Calling and he’d only had the album a short time.

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