Rolling Stones “Hang On Sloopy” – LOUIE mutant of the Week


Here’s a special treat for my Hoosier friends!

Hang On Sloopy” is a close relative of LOUIE LOUIE. We haven’t quite figured out the best way to define the bloodline but there’s a connection that cannot be denied – three chords, a catchy groove and a dedicated group of supporters anxious to embrace it as a state song.

So for now, we’ll just continue to call it a “LOUIE mutant”… or a “LOUIE cousin”… or something like that….

The Rolling Stones recently paid tribute to this song and its legacy when they played it in Columbus, Ohio last Saturday. Years before “Hang On Sloopy” became Ohio’s official rock song, and an anthem at all the sporting events throughout the Buckeye State, the Rolling Stones included it as a regular part of their repertoire in 1966.


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