Misidentifications of Jack Ely

With the passing of Jack Ely, former singer of the Kingsmen, a lot of folks shared a common video of the Kingsmen, featuring what they thought was Jack singing….


What many of these people didn’t realize was that person lip synching was not Jack, but Lynn Easton.

Rolling Stone.com also initially misidentified Jack in a Kingsmen photograph.


Luckily, the error was eventually corrected the next day.

This week, Entertainment Weekly continued the trend, using a photo of Lynn Easton for Jack’s obituary.


Just for future reference, here’s a photo of the three founding members of the Kingsmen.

if you need an assistance identifying a photo with Jack, or would like to obtain a proper photo of Jack, please drop me a line, OK?


P.S. Big thanks to Buck Munger for first spotting the Entertainment Weekly snafu.


The printed edition of the Rolling Stone continued to perpetuate their original mistake of their webpage, completely ignoring the comments on their website and my two separate emails (two separate RollingStone.com accounts) pointing out their error.


1 comment to Misidentifications of Jack Ely

  • Robert "Bob" Burrows

    I fist met Wally Todd and then your father at the State Line Village Club, out side of Spokane Washington when Wally was 14.
    I snuck into the club whenever KingsMen were there. Wally and I have been friends ever since.
    Oh to think Wally passed on to the “Big Blus Band ” in th Sky within weeks of each other.
    Wally the “Brotherman” and BBKing passing over the same day within hours of each other.

    I like to visualize than on the “Stairway to Heaven” escorted by the KingsMen and and all the Blues and Rock Greats that have passed. And the waiting for him will be his Mom and Dad and the Lord..
    God Bless you and your family.

    I’m so glad I will be a Roadie for then when I pass! My condlance to you and you family.

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