Hail Hail Arthur Lee Maye!

My friend Gene Maye, just launched a website dedicated to his brother Arthur Lee Maye.

Arthur Lee Maye (1934-2002) was a singer of great Doo-Wop melodies, a major league baseball player, and a very close friend of Richard Berry, author of LOUIE LOUIE. Gene was a member of Richard Berry & the Pharaohs, and appeared with the band for the final 1996 reunion in Long Beach, CA.

Gene is in the process of writing a book about his brother, and this website shares a PDF preview excerpt from the upcoming publication.

Gene is out to set the record straight…

“Whatever you’ve heard and read before this, compare it with what you will now read. There have been a number of stories that have been floating around the internet for quite some time, and are supposedly based on interviews with the principals involved. Well, if that were the case why can’t they get the facts correct? Well, I was there.

I was a part of the group. I’m speaking from first person’s perspective, and experience. I know the facts. I don’t have to research anything. The only question now is, “Whose report will you believe?” Nobody, but nobody can tell this story like I can.”

Here’s a photo of Gene as part of Richard & the Pharaohs in 1996 (from left- Eugene Maye, Richard Berry, Robert Harris and Godoy Colbert):

Read more over at:

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