Richard Berry & the Pharaohs 1996- Have Love Will Travel- LOUIE of the Week

It’s too late to share this one for Valentine’s Day, but here’s a special treat that I’ve assembled to celebrate a special moment in time when very big things are happening on the other side of the planet from me.

Richard Berry & the Pharaohs 1996 reunion - photograph © Eric Predoehl / / ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Richard Berry & the Pharaohs was the very first band ever to record the song LOUIE LOUIE. Richard wrote the song in 1955 while working at the Harmony Park Ballroom with the Rhythm Rockers, and recorded it two years later for Flip Records, as second single released after his previous contract with Modern/Flair Records.

The band was named “The Pharaohs” not because any of the band members were from Egypt or had any special fondness for ancient history. Godoy Colbert, who started the group, just thought it had a really cool name for a vocal harmony group.

With the recent liberation of Egypt, the country with a wealth of fascinating history,which just embarked upon an exciting new chapter that that is rather mind-blowing to say the least, considering how the use of social networks directly contributed to the downfall of this government. Exactly how this event will ultimately play out, remains to the seen, but one thing’s for certain – this IS a very exciting time to be alive and witness what’s going on.

With iconic references to “Pharaohs” being bantered about in 2011, this seemed like a good time to give a shot-out to the band that embraced this particular title, and set off the initial spark for the song that eventually became the world’s most misunderstood garage rock song.

Today, I’m posting a never-before-seen clip of Richard Berry & the Pharaohs performing the song “Have Love Will Travel” at their final performance, which I was lucky to witness in 1996, the year before Richard died. Godoy Colbert passed away six years later. The other two Pharaohs – Eugene Maye and Robert Harris are still with us.

I’m calling this performance “Louie of the Week,” simply because Richard told me that this song – “Have Love Will Travel” is merely “LOUIE LOUIE” sped up.


NOTE: You may hear some low grade noise on the audio recording. Unfortunately, this noise is a direct result of what’s considered “CD rot.” I did NOT hear this noise when I initially received this CD. I hope to obtain an improved recording from the original engineer/archivist.

YET ANOTHER NOTE: My friend Robyn asked me if I could identify everyone in the photo, so from left to right, we’ve got Eugene Maye, Richard Berry, Robert Harris and Godoy Colbert.

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