Instant Replay @ Disneyland – LOUIE of the Week

This week’s winner of the LOUIE OF THE WEEK award goes out to the band Instant Replay, who performed LOUIE LOUIE at Disneyland on August 12, 2008. Big thanks out to YouTuber halos5 for sharing this one.

By the way, the song LOUIE LOUIE was actually written in Anaheim, about a mile or so from Disneyland back in 1955, which was the same year that this iconic amusement park opened. Richard Berry used to play with the Rillera Brothers at a club known as the Harmony Park Ballroom, and he wrote the song backstage at this venue.

The Harmony Park Ballroom was known primarily as a country western club, but they had a lot of different music there, including Latin music and rhythm & blues. Here’s a photo I found of Bob Willis and his Texas Playboys performing at this venue.

Harmony Park Ballroom with Bob Willis

The club was torn down years ago, replaced by an apartment complex. Eventually, I’ll probably share more photos of what the club looked like during it’s heyday, and what the area looks like today. In the meantime, here’s a quick photo of the land circa 1995 – between the bulldozers and the apartment development.

Harmony Park Ballroom 1995

So far, this version of LOUIE LOUIE by Instant Reply appears to be the only documented recording of “LOUIE LOUIE – Live in Anaheim.” I’m guessing there’s got to be more versions of the song, but they’re just not documented… or I can’t remember.

Do you know of any other bands that have performed LOUIE LOUIE – Live in Anaheim? Let me know…

…and if you have any other photos of the Harmony Park Ballroom.. PLEASE let me know!

4 comments to Instant Replay @ Disneyland – LOUIE of the Week

  • Dweighn Secrist

    Wow! This was a nice surprise! I was sent this email regarding us playing “louie Louie” at Disneyland. Im the Bass player on the video. I had no idea the song was written in Anahiem. We’ve been doing this schtick for the last 10 years at Disneyland and California Adventure Park…usually in white shorts and Hawaiian shirts. We play it every show, so if anyone happens to be at Disneyland and we’re the entertainment….we’ll “Louie” it up for you!

  • Don Kirk

    The stage you were playing on, was first played on by the Rillera Bros. They were the host band in Tomorrowland for years. They were Richard Berry’s band at Harmony Park when he wrote that song. They were in Dick Dale & The Deltones, the back-up band for the Richeous Bros, Ray Charles and others. The last time I saw Bobby Hatfield was when he did a walk-on, about 30′ behind the rising stage; while the rising stage was being built. They have had a lot of names. kay Belle & the Spacemen, The Spacemen, Red-Eye and who knows what others. Two years after the song was written, I sang for 8 weeks for Cliffie Stone at Harmony Park; and practiced my singing in the very dressing room the song was written in.

  • Don Kirk

    I forgot…. If anyone has “ANY” pictures of either inside or outside of Harmony Park Ballroom (even after they changed it’s name), please send me copies. Several of us who worked on stage there cannot find pictures of the place. Thanks!

    Don Kirk [email protected]

  • Don Kirk

    As far as other bands that played Louie Louie in Anaheim, Every band in the early 1960’s played it. I was in a band called Mod Inc. that was susposed to record, but didn’t. Since we had a following, we put on dances ourselves; including one we held that packed the event type room we rented at the Hyatt House Hotel (Across from D-Land’s main parking enterance & Melodyland Theatre (Behind the Hyatt House). We played Louie Louie every show. Every band of the day in Anaheim, also played Louie Louie. The list of those bands could go on and on.

    BTW… Harmony Park Ballroom was owned by an Anaheim Police Sergeant; who died from a bee sting. It was then sold to a realtor, that changed the name to Harmony Hacienda, but he didn’t know good management and it failed. It then becoame an antique and crafts mall, finally meeting it’s bulldozer fate. My history is in that place; and I still can’t believe it’s gone. Yes, I knew when I san there that my dressing room is where Louie Louie was written. BTW… Ray Charles (I’m told) rewrote it with X rated lyrics. We (Mod Inc.) mixed in his lyrics with the regular lyrics and performed it often; and I’ll guarante, even at the Hyatt House. The crowd was so good, the Hyatt’s management told us that we were welcome back anytime.

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