Twas 50 years ago today….

Would you believe that today, April 6th, is the 50th anniversary of the day The Kingsmen stepped into a studio to record to create what they initially thought was a “terrible version” of song that was a regional hit for Rockin’ Robin Robert & The Fabulous Wailers?

Funny how things turn out sometimes…

Portland Monthly – The Accidental Story of “Louie Louie”

NOTE: Be aware that the photo on the article link is of “Jack Ely & the Kingsmen” – the touring band created by original singer Jack Ely when he was not able to rejoin the band that did the original recording.

This photo, however, is one of the very few featuring the original five members that recorded THE SONG! Gino Rossi was responsible for taking this photo!

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  • The 50th Anniversary “Louie, Louie” Anniversary Show episode of my “Geezer Rock” radio program (aired April 5) is up on the archives for WGDR radio.

    Available here:

    “Geezer Rock” plays “the best new music by geezers who rock,” that is, only new music, not the same old things that get played on the zillions of classic rock stations. We support the new sounds of our old favorites who are still rocking our world.

    So to celebrate 50 years of “Louie,” we played some of the recent live versions by geezer rockers. And a goodly sampling of some other recent “Louie”-influenced songs.

    All praise to the folks on the Louie Louie Yahoo discussion list, especially Jack Ely and Clay Stabler, and, too. Couldn’t have done it without your help.


    Jeff Lindholm
    Geezer Rock

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