The Cover Story – a documentary on album cover art

a film by Eric Christensen

For those that love album cover artwork, I’d like to recommend a new documentary entitled “The Cover Story.”

Artists, photographers, models and musicians share some great stories behind the process of creating artwork for various album covers. There’s a lot of famous creative people in this documentary, and there’s also some relative unknowns that somehow wound up on the front of some very popular album covers.

Producer Eric Christensen, who created the award-winning documentary on The Trips Festival, created this one, which will be premiered today, Saturday January 26 at the Sweetwater Music Hall in Mill Valley, CA.

Truth be told, members of the LOUIE team (Jesse Block & Eric Predoehl) provided support for this project, helping our friend Eric Christensen with camera work, audio recording, and still photographs..

You can purchase the documentary directly from the website –

It’s a keeper!

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