Eric Elviss for America – LOUIE of the Week

There’s something I find oddly appealing about a guy named “Eric Elviss” singing LOUIE LOUIE. Is it because my name is Eric and I sometimes use the nickname “Elvis” among certain friends? Probably…

This particular Elvis has a stylish jumpsuit and sings LOUIE LOUIE in front of an American flag. As I’m still feeling a little patriotic after the July 4th weekend, and it is election year, I’m going to give Elvis the special LOUIE of the Week award! Oh, he’s also got a very cool name!

Rock on, Elvis!

Eric Predoehl (aka Elvis Pretzel)
web-guru for
producer / director of that long-awaited film on THE SONG

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  • Thanks for your comments on the Flipper post & the info about the upcoming show at the Oakland Museum.
    Haven’t heard from you in a while unless it’s a bulk posting when someone dies.
    How the hell ya been?
    Eric Elviss, hell yeah!

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