Flipper (Oakland 2008) + Kinks (France 1965)- LOUIE (and half) of the Week

Last weekend , I was at a fun party at the Oakland Museum, celebrating the East Bay Express (newspaper) annual “Best of the East Bay” issue. There were six stages of live music, lots of crafts merchants, various food vendors, and an open museum, which included some really cool exhibits, including a “California Cool” show that celebrated 1950’s jazz, architecture, and animation.

The group really tweaked my interest for attending this event was Flipper, an old punk rock band I used to see in San Francisco back in the early days. I remember seeing them at the Mabuhay Gardens, and really enjoying their schtick. They did a song called “Sex Bomb” that I thought was pretty rocking. Truth be told, for the infamous KFJC Maximum LOUIE LOUIE marathon, I actually recorded a version of LOUIE LOUIE that borrowed heavily from that song, calling it “LOUIE WASH.” Yes, I was actually a “musician,”if you could call it that. No, I’m not telling you the name of the band I created. At least, not today….

So, I was excited to hear that Flipper had reunited. I knew that a couple of band members had passed away, but surviving members Bruce Loose, Ted Falconi, and Steve DePace had reformed the band, bringing in Krist Novoselic, formerly of Nirvana, to play bass. So on July 11 (7/11 to you), I invited my pal, the artist known as “Laurelish Nisch” (star of her own Flipper-inspired video) to join me to see these guys.

Like so many shows I see these days, I was happy to see an abundance of cameras at this event, mostly little cell phones from folks that wanted to capture a little bit of history. So I pull out my little Panasonic-Leica-Lumix still camera, and shoot a little bit of video for the hell of it. The show was stopped midway through a song as the event was scheduled to end a few minutes before midnight. I think the band came on at 11:40 pm, and played for maybe 10 minutes.

What was kind of cool as the P.A. was turned off, was that Krist Novoselic continued to noodle away on bass, playing a little bit of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and and even some LOUIE LOUIE. Check out this video that I shot, and pay close attention to the bass plaing at 1:33.

I love it. The bass player for the most successful rock band from the Northwest joins a San Francisco band, and noodles around on the iconic garage rock song. I am making too much of this? Probably. It’s only 5 seconds of one of the simplest songs in the universe. So f-in’ what?

Nonetheless, I feel like acknowledging this micro-version of the song a prestigious “LOUIE OF THE WEEK” award because I can. As it’s only a small portion, I’ll award it a “HALF-LOUIE.”

Because some folks are anxiously awaiting a new LOUIE of the week, I’ll also award a full “LOUIE of the Week” award to a rare video recording of the Kinks, performing LOUIE LOUIE in Paris, circa 1965. As far as I know, this rendition is not available on any commercial products, but you can see it on YouTube (for now).

So for this week only, there will be the “LOUIE and the HALF LOUIE of the WEEK” awards. Will there be more “Half LOUIES?” Time will tell…

Confused yet?

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  • This is from a DVD called The Kinks: Paris Party 1965 (King Snake KS-020) that just hit collector’s lists last month. It contains the Olympia, Paris 7/7/65 TV broadcast, a BBC TV broadcast 3/15/73, and a career overview video from 1985. NTSC Region Free.
    RARE. I believe this is the first time that this ’65 broadcast has been available on DVD.

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