Columbus Discoveries

it's a LOUIE LOUIE cake

Last week, I was treated to a nice little diversion by my friends Greg & Nastasia, who invited me to visit them in Columbus, Ohio. In addition to providing me with wonderful company, great conversation, and extremely delicious meals, they also created a nice little cake to celebrate this little LOUIE project of mine. Not only was it a beautiful looking cake, but it also tasted great. My special thanks go out to Nastasia and her assistant, Max, for this marvelous creation!

One thing I discovered about Columbus is that it has an exceptional museum known as COSI. I usually enjoy checking out museums whenever I visit different towns, and this one was certainly a worthy destination There were a lot of fascinating exhibits on the human body, space travel, physics, and something I didn’t expect in the middle of the Midwest – the ocean!

Not exactly the sort of thing a guy from California would expect to see so many miles from home…

What really freaked me out was seeing the animatronic disc jockey at the “Progress” exhibit. The concept was a replication of a typical street scene in Midwest America, showing two periods in time – 1898 and 1962. As a late-model boomer that was actually alive during the early 1960s, it was a strange sensation to see this period preserved for posterity in a museum. Seeing the robotic DJ spin records behind a glass window felt very weird. The robot acted just like a real DJ, in a very creepy, controlled manner. With the status of commercial radio these days, I suppose there’s some irony to found in such observations….

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