Untouchables “Free Yourself” video

This little entry has very little to do with LOUIE, other than a few themes that link LOUIE into the scope of rock music and pop culture in general.

Lately, I’ve been going through my archives, looking at the various videos that I’ve shot in my career. Last week, I transfered some footage I shot over 20 years ago. I found some pretty cool footage of The Untouchables at San Jose State University. The crowd is pretty energetic, and it’s really fun to watch this stuff all these years later, imagining all these young kids grown-up, being responsible and all that sort of thing.

I was there that night to shoot footage of the opening band Dot 3, which I used for an award-winning music video I created for the song “Dinosaur.” Unfortunately, I don’t have the exact date for this show, but I’m guessing it happened sometime in 1987. This is from a VHS dub of a 3/4″ master tape that’s buried deep in my archives.

So this is a clip of The Untouchables performing an original song entitled “Free Yourself,” a message I absolutely approve.


2 comments to Untouchables “Free Yourself” video

  • Derek Breakfield

    i’m impressed with your video,i’m the bass player….i’d like to see the whole thing.
    maybe we could swap,i’ve got some cool stuff already on dvd that you might enjoy.

    let me know,

  • KenS

    I remember seeing that concert as it was part of Spin magazine’s college concert tour. BOTH DOT 3 and The Untouchables ROCKED THE HOUSE!

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