RIP: Danny Holiday, Seattle DJ / Music Historian

The Pacific Northwest music scene has lost another legend.

Seattle DJ & music historian Danny Holiday, has passed away after an extended illness. Looking at the various online articles about Danny, I discovered….

– Danny was born Daniel Prescott Thygesen in March 23, 1943 in Everett, Washington.

– Danny was a disc jockey at KPUG (Bellingham), KOL (Seattle), KBSG (Seattle)
and KZOK (Seattle), where he hosted “The Rock N Roll Time Machine.”

– Danny worked for several years doing promotion for Columbia Records.

– Danny was a former President of the “OFC,” an organization comprised of many of the legendary SEATTLE radio professionals.

I once had a phone call with Danny that made me feel like I was talking with an old friend. We talked about the LOUIE LOUIE legacy, and compared notes on LOUIE LOUIE film projects. Danny had some ideas for a LOUIE LOUIE comedy feature film based on some of the events in the Northwest that he personally witnessed. I have no idea how far he got with developing his script, but it sounded like a great project.

Danny was a prominent advocate of the LOUIE legacy, and was proud to show his support in an appropriate fashion.

Here’s a nice photo Danny wearing a rather stylish shirt when he met with Roy Orbison.

Here’s Danny singing LOUIE LOUIE with Paul Revere & the Raiders at the final show at Parker’s (Seattle).

…and as far as I’m concerned, anyone that had their picture taken with Groucho Marx was cooler than cool!

I’m sorry Danny wasn’t able to finish his LOUIE film or see mine, which I’m hoping to wrap up soon…. powers be willing.

In the meantime, here’s a nice little video tribute for Danny to celebrate his legacy.

To pay tribute to his memory, his family has asked that donations can be made to Camano Animal Shelter Association.

All photos of Danny came from the Official website

You can learn more about Danny by viewing…

Seattle Times obituary obituary website

4 comments to RIP: Danny Holiday, Seattle DJ / Music Historian

  • Darrell Balthazor

    I was a friend of Danny’s from the day he arrived in Anacortes up to his passing. There is still a void in my heart.
    Rest in Peace “Tiger”.

  • Wink and Judy Smith

    My wife and I were on our first Cruze from the KZOK radio station which Danny was promoting, l98??? Our ship caught on fire ended up in Key West. We had a ball with Danny. Later a few of us were envited to Danny’s home in West Seattle where we partyed. Danny was useing my guitar and wearing a lei, which a picture on these websights are. Danny gave my wife and myself a nick name of “The Wink and Judy Show”, as we had cut a record in 1963 in Seattle. We lost track of Danny for 2 years of so, started looking for him when my Wife googled him and we are shocked to find out he had passed. We have been to his home a few times, in Marrysvill Wa. Danny had also been to our home in Auburn Wa. So sorry we lost a great DJ.

  • John Catelli

    Danny was always good hearted sole at the age of 15 while he worked at the local radio station in Anacortes on occasion he would invite a few friends to visit him at his work. After high school lost track of Danny, not knowing he become an radio announcer and DJ in Seattle, later working for Columbia Records as a PR man and promoter.. 50 some years later Danny and I reconnected at a all school Anacortes Clsss Reunion..during that period Danny I learned Danny had retired at 52 and after a few years of not working, begin volunteering his DJ skills at a public radio station in Everett WA .. ” The Rock & Roll Time Mahine ” was the name of Danny’s show which aired each Sunday. Danny would not only spin old R&R tunes, Danny would tell a story about each performer. I made it a point to listen to his show each Sunday.. Oh my dear good friend Danny how you are missed , you shall never be forgotten old Friend..

  • Green Power

    Estate sale: Danny’s Sport Jackets from various media & promotional events; Signed Beatles Master in Ampex Tape,Music Event Posters, archival documents,Studio Masters of Brad Edwards,Personal Archives,1989(CFCW790)Patti Austin (96K-Lite,Interview by Brad Edwards);Chalk Circle (Studio),Amy Grant(Calgary),Al Stewart (L.A.),DnetoOne (Toronto).96K-Lite;Honeymoon Suite w (Studio),Interviews by Brad Edwards,96K-Lite; Hard Days Night 06/30,94

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