Cosmic Jackson – LOUIE of Week

This week, the mighty LOUIE of the Week spotlight shines on Cosmic Jackson, who performed LOUIE LOUIE on January 13, 2012 at Panther Mountain Inn, Chestertown, NY.

You can learn more about Cosmic Jackson by visiting their Facebook page at:
or their YouTube page at:

Video copyright 1-13-2012 gmj2012

3 comments to Cosmic Jackson – LOUIE of Week

  • Paula Berry-Wiwuga

    true to the original – thanks for richard from the Richard Berry family!!

  • I’m glad you enjoyed the video and thanks for featuring it on your blog. The lightning left much to be desired in the filming, but their sound is as always awesome. I missed seeing this when it was featured, just found out about it after filming them at last night’s show. Apparently the links or video are no longer “live” on here, but it’s the 1st time a video from my channel was featured that I know of anyway. 🙂 They do some of the best covers around, amazing guitar players in this band. Cheers.

  • Thanks for featuring one of my channels videos. These guys are fantastic, with some amazing guitar skills, and do the best cover songs around. I just found out about this last night while filming them again, so had to come looking for this here today. Nice!

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