Aliens 45 sells for $499?? – LOUIE of the Week

An extremely rare version of LOUIE LOUIE sold for $499 last week on eBay.

The Aliens were a band from upstate New York. They put out a very limited edition 45 single in 1967 with “LOUIE LOUIE” on the A-side, and “Gloria” on the B-side.

Or was it the other way around? Hard to tell, as I couldn’t see any “A” or “B” type notations on the label scans.

Anyways, the Aliens were composed of Ray Marion on lead guitar and lead vocals (playing a Gibson cherry red ES335), Curt Meinel, bass (Hagstrom?), Glen Kane on drums, and a guy named Howie on Farfisa organ.

They were previously a LOUIE of the Week in 2009, but with the unexpected high price from last week’s auction, I thought they’d be worthy of a repeat posting.

If you visit the eBay listing or the page, you can hear what this recording sounds like – FREE of charge!


eBay posting at:

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