Iggy & Stooges 2011- LOUIE of the Week

For the first time since 1974, Iggy Pop & James Williamson performed the song “LOUIE LOUIE” as Iggy & the Stooges.

It was the final encore number of the last show of the 2011 Iggy & Stooges tour- Tuesday, December 6, 2011 at Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA. I’ve been told by insiders that this performance was absolutely spontaneous!

… and I was there!



Last night’s performance excelled on so many different levels. It was especially nice to see James Williamson with the Stooges for a local show, considering how he lives in Bay Area these days, having worked many years as Vice President of Technology Standards for Sony Electronics in San Jose before retiring and rejoining the Stooges in 2009.

I was fortunate to also catch a warm-up show James did with the Careless Hearts a few months before joining the Stooges, which you can view by clicking HERE.

For more of last night’s show, click HERE to see another song I captured of the band on video – “I Wanna Be Your Dog.”

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