Yet another image from KFJC marathon

advertisement for KFJC Maximum LOUIE LOUIE marathon

Here’s a tasty nugget from the past. Long before I ever thought about producing a documentary on the song LOUIE LOUIE, I created a little photo illustration to promote the then-upcoming KFJC radio marathon. I asked a few friends (Melinda Fletcher and Terry Hopkins) if they wouldn’t mind participating in a little film-noir-type photo session where I’d try to replicate an old movie poster. After printing up an 8×10 glossy in the darkroom, I grabbed some press-on letters, some white liquid paper fluid, and manipulated this photo with some crude lettering to create a little advertisement that was printed in the radio station program guide. When Richard Berry came to the marathon, he told me that he loved this image, and he autographed one of the program guides for me.

Some how or another, this particular publication got buried in my archives, and I just recently stumbled upon it tonight, so I thought I’d share with my friends in cyber-space.


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