The NEW LouieFest YouTube group!

Just to make it even easier for folks to submit videos to the upcoming LOUIE LOUIE Video Contest, I’ve just created a new YouTube group.

Ladies, and gentlemen, I’m proud to announce….

Speaking of LOUIE, BBC TV did a little tee-vee segment on the subject of pirate radio. I certainly approve of the music they used for the opening segment.

Click HERE to watch this video clip (requires Real Media player).

A tip of the hat to Snoozy Louie of the UK for this tidbit of information!

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  • In the U K the Kingsmen’s Louie Louie meant no more than a Top 30 hit for 7 weeks which peaked at No 27.
    An English band soon to join the British Invasion had listened to the disc and cut their own version.This was the KINKS whose 3rd single was You Really Got Me-a No.1 single and the first to actually copy Louie Louie.
    In fact the Kinks could be said to have built their early career on the song when they followed it with All Day & All Of The Night then Tired of waiting for you.
    Meanwhile Richard Berry had an EP on a blubeat label.His original version in the mid 50s had never been made available in the UK.
    In the 80s the song ABOUT Louie by the Fat Boys made the top 50 and that was about it.
    No one ever remarked about the lyrics here-it could only happen in America.
    The Kinks sang the song clearly enough-after all the sheet music was still there.
    The Revere version was finally issued here in the 80s-this band had no UK following either.After all they never appeared over here
    The whole thing about Hoover and the FBI always amused me-what a waste of time and money.
    Hoover,at the time of the Lennon troubles of the early 70s,claimed he’d never heard the Beatles!
    Amazing really-in the 6os you could hear the Beatles via their covers if you didn’t especially like them.
    As research into American music was virtually non existent little info came through about the Kingsmen.Everything was learnt in bits.There were 4 music papers in those days and the British Invasion was taking place.Pye who licensed the Wand catalog put out Money as the Kingsmen follow up probably hoping that with the attention brought to the song by the Beatles it could hit.
    But though the Kingsmen had other U S hits they were one hit wonders here and even today if you want a CD it has to be an import.However all the albums came out at the time.
    Its also possible that few really KNEW what the song Louie Louie was ABOUT-no more than a guy conversing with a bartender

  • thebigvip

    My thanks to creators and moderators of this site. This site is the best one I think. I visit it as it’s possible everyday. I really enjoy to talk to posters and most of them became my pen-friends.
    So I wish you to gain new posters and not to lose current ones. You are the great team!
    Sincerely, Jon Smitt

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