Radio Radio!

Here’s something I’ll be participating in…

KFJC PRESENTS: The Return of the Invasion of MAXIMUM LOUIE LOUIE
(a celebration of International LOUIE LOUIE Day)

Monday, April 11
7 pm – 11 pm (west coast California time)

featuring Eric Predoehl (pronounced “pre-dell”), producer /director of the upcoming “Meaning of LOUIE” documentary, Jeff “Stretch” Riedle and Frank “Phil Dirt” Luft, originators of KFJC’s 1983 event “Maximum Louie”, as well as Nikki Teen (aka Robyn Braverman,) Maximum Louie alum and voice talent extraordinaire.

Broadcasting live with streaming simulcast, this show celebrates International LOUIE LOUIE Day like no other radio station can, recycling remnants from the KFJC past, embracing contemporary versions of the legendary rock song, including never-before-broadcast Richard Berry music, and unveiling exclusive previews from the anxiously-awaited upcoming documentary.

Expect some surprises. Expect special guests- living and otherwise. Expect the unexpected.

(April 11th as “Louie Louie Day” is now officially registered with the National Special Events Registry and Chase’s Calendar of Events, the two leading sources of special events, holidays and observances.)

KFJC Radio 89.7 FM in Los Altos Hills, CA was the site where the original “MAXIMUM LOUIE LOUIE” marathon took place, broadcasting 63 hours of LOUIE LOUIE with over 800 unique versions of the song.

Tune into or find it on iTunes under the category of “Radio/Eclectic” for a live webcast that can be heard anywhere in the world with an internet connection.


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