The Vikings 1965 – LOUIE of the Week

The Vikings (1965)

Vintage video clips of any band performing LOUIE LOUIE during the mid-60s are a real treat to find. There’s not a lot of ’em out there.

Thanks to YouTube, I’m sharing a newly discovered 1965 film of the Vikings, a young band from the Pacific Northwest.

According to their page on the Pacific Northwest Bands website, they were a band from West Richland, WA that existed from 1965-1967. They performed regularly at the Richland Roller Rink, opening for such bands as the Sonics and Don & the Goodtimes.

In 1966, they were the first place winner at the Tri-Cities Water Follies Battle of the Bands competition.

Congratulations on preserving your musical legacy, guys! It’s quite a treat to see this clip, and I’m very happy to honor such memories with the LOUIE of the Week award! CHEERS!

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