Another NEW version of LOUIE LOUIE – Mall Security

Mall Security LOUIE LOUIE

Over at the LOUIE LOUIE PARTY at Yahoo, we are honored to have a new member. Here’s his introduction:

When I was in high school, my garage band Mall Security recorded a version of the song. Our cover version is posted at:

Welcome Mall Security to the WIDE WORLD OF LOUIE!

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  • Hi, folks
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    A practical study published in October 2007 has extended important the latest about the homogeneity of liver cancer to chronic viral hepatitis, alcoholism, and cirrhosis. This is a manly study owing to it used the records of Swedish health registries to discern patients for inclusion in the study. The Swedish registries consist of cleverness on the entire society of Sweden. They are hefty and whole registries and dominion been in avail for multifarious age. In materiality, they posses provided a treasure of score about rife diseases.
    An analysis of the Swedish data demonstrated that among patients with alcoholism slick was slightly more than a coupled accrual in the risk of liver cancer in that compared with the general human relay. This insufficient development suggests that alcoholism alone is not strongly related to the development of liver cancer. On the other hand, patients who were alcoholics but also developed cirrhosis, presumably since a settlement of their alcoholism, had a 22 – commune aggrandizement in the risk of liver cancer in that compared with the general general public. Remarkably, the development of cirrhosis in alcoholics substantially increases the risk for liver cancer.
    Patients with chronic viral hepatitis had a 34 – district greater risk for liver cancer because compared with the general humans. Patients with both chronic viral hepatitis and cirrhosis, however, had a much greater burgeoning in the development of liver cancer – – 118 – district. ( Presumably, the cirrhosis was caused by the chronic hepatitis. ) Decidedly, the combination of chronic viral hepatitis and cirrhosis has a exact well-made association with the development of liver cancer. This association is much stronger than the association of the combination of alcoholism and cirrhosis with liver cancer. The stronger association with viral hepatitis than alcohol supports a greater role for the hepatitis viruses through compared with alcohol in promoting liver cancer.
    What can we conclude from this study ? Primeval, the risk of liver cancer is remarkably fresh in patients with chronic viral hepatitis and cirrhosis. The risk also is another in patients who are alcoholic and own cirrhosis, although the risk is less. Second, if we craving to substantially prevent the development of liver cancer, we duty spot patients before they evolve cirrhosis and accordingly prevent cirrhosis. Third, existing and newer techniques for liver cancer surveillance probably should be applied to all patients with both chronic viral hepatitis and cirrhosis and possibly to patients with both alcoholism and cirrhosis. Fourth,we need to develop better techniques for liver cancer surveillance. A satisfactory solution to the problem of liver cancer in chronic viral hepatitis and alcoholism will not be quick or easy.
    With all the best

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