Whole lotta LOUIE!

My friend Mike Hintze discovered a whole bunch of LOUIE LOUIEs on the web, and posted his finding at the LOUIE PARTY. Because there’s such a wealth of information in his entry, I’ve decided to recycle Mike’s words at the LOUIE REPORT blog.

Views expressed do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the staff of LouieLouie.net. In all honesty, I’ve only listened to a few of them, so I haven’t had time to have an opinion yet….

– E.P. of LouieLouie.net

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It’s been a while since I’ve done this, but over the holidays, I managed to find a bit of time to search the net for new LL downloads. And I found quite a few that I haven’t seen before! Here they are:

Jim Deeckenhttp://www.compobeachbum.com/coversongs.html

Projectilehttp://www.avianexotic.com/projectile/louie%20louie-projectile.mp3 – Projectile is an all-veterinarian band, founded by Dr. Don Harris in 2003. Projectile’s performances include openings for “Chicago”, “Hootie and the Blowfish”, Clint Black, REO Speedwagon, and several headliner appearances. See http://www.avianexotic.com/djh.htm.

The Helen Kellershttp://www.helenkellers.com

Coltrum Funk – “Improvvisation On Louie Louie Bass Loop” – http://coltrumfunk.altervista.org/Coltrum_Funk_-_Imp_On_Louie_Louie_Bass_Loop.mp3 – Pretty cool version, from the contact e-mail at http://coltrumfunk.altervista.org, they appear to be from Italy.

Steve Dukes (2 versions) – http://www.stevedukes.us/steveplay.php

Spirit of Fire Marching Band (S.F.M.B.)http://multimediaheroesmx.tripod.com/ – A marching band from Mexico. Actually a somewhat different arrangement from what you usually hear with the many, many, many marching band versions out there. Probably not the tightest marching band I’ve ever heard, but its refreshing to hear a marching band do something a little different with the song.

The Cinnamenhttp://www.geocities.com/n_n_n_n_n_n_n_h/music.html and http://the_cinnamen.tripod.com/music.html

The F.I. http://www.petehixson.net/thefi/music/drug_day_rehearsal/

Jungle Rooster – “Wild Sloopy Louie Thing” – http://www.junglerooster.com/covermp3s.htm – A Wild Thing / Louie Louie / Hang On Sloopy medley by a S.F. Bay area band. Despite the total lack of originality of putting these three songs together in a medley, I was presently surprised that this one doesn’t suck.

Exit 47 – “60’s Medley” – http://www.exit47.com/demo.htm – A medley of a bunch of songs from the 60’s that includes Louie Louie, Hang On Sloopy, Sugar Sugar, and I Think We’re Alone Now.

Oklahoma State Univ. Cowboy Marching Bandhttp://bands.okstate.edu/CMB/sounds.html

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) Pep Bandhttp://users.wpi.edu/~pepband/downloads.html

Charlotte Central School (CCS) – Now this is kind of cool. At this school in Charlotte, VT, the students were apparently given a math / music assignment that involved making a stringed instrument where they calculated the positions of the frets required to produce different notes. They then recorded the results, and several of the students played very short versions of Louie Louie. I found 4 of them.


John Hhttp://www.ccsvt.org/ody/music04/redzeppelin/

Alex Shttp://www.ccsvt.org/ody/music04/asoc/page2.html


The Bidnessmenhttp://2ksrv.tzo.com/html/beyoungllmoney.html (you can directly download the file at http://2ksrv.tzo.com/BeyoungLLMoney48.mp3) – The file available for download contains three songs, but they are not really played as an integrated medley.

Phantom Brigadehttp://www.phantom-brigade.de/media/sounds.htm – What is it with German marching bands and this song?

High Caliber http://www.supadope.com/pod/highcaliber/

Caotic Soulshttp://caoticsouls.altervista.org/interest.htm


— Mike

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