Pseudonome123’s Not so Barbershop Multi-track – LOUIE of the Week

This week, the big LOUIE of the Week spotlight goes to Pseudonome123 of São Paulo, Brazil for his “Not so Barbershop – Multi-track” recording of LOUIE LOUIE.

I like this version a lot. It’s novel approach that combines multi-camera video editing with multi-track audio recording. I can’t recall seeing anyone ever use this technique for any YouTube clip, and I give Pseudonome123 credit for creating a very unique renditon of the song.

Would you believe this is his second attempt at this technique? Check out this clip of his first attempt at multi-track audio with multi-camera video editing.

I do predict that Pseudonome123 is destined to create some other great musical recordings!

2 comments to Pseudonome123’s Not so Barbershop Multi-track – LOUIE of the Week

  • Drake


    5-stars for creativity. It would sure be nice to get an mp3 of the audio…

  • Very much like the live version by Pow Wow, one of my favorites.

    Julia Nunes does a lot of videos featuring her own multi-track videos. This one is cool with the split screens.

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