Etta James does NOT have Alzheimer’s disease

Etta James and her son Donto James

Last week, there were news articles that mentioned that Etta James was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

This afternoon, I did a Google search for “Etta James Alzheimer’s” and noticed there were 36,500 entries for this subject. News certainly travels fast.

As it turns out, Etta James does not actually have Alzheimer’s disease.

How do I know this? I just talked to Donto James, son of Etta James, who was quoted in various articles as the “source” of this breaking news. Donto told me that he took his mother to see five different specialists, and all five of these medical experts were in agreement that Ms. James does not currently have Alzheimer’s disease.

Donto was misquoted.

Ms. James has a variety of different health issues that she’s dealing with right now, but Alzheimer’s disease is not one of her problems. Apparently, while she was sick last year, as a direct result of her illnesses and/or medications, she was exhibiting some forms of dementia, which led to some ill-spoken words a year ago about Beyonce singing “At Last” at the Presidential inauguaration party.

A few weeks ago, she was admitted to the hospital for suspected urinary tract infection, and it was later discovered that she contacted the potentially-deadly MRSA virus, which she’s being treated for right now.

The good news is things are looking positive for Etta James, and with any luck she’ll be returning to the stage this year.

One of the things that the family of Etta James did last year was establish the Etta James Help At Last Project. This is a non-profit organization designed to help people recovering from addictions, with a special emphasis on American Veterans. The Ponderosa House is a home specfically set aside as a sanctuary for those in need, based in San Bernardino, CA.

If you would like to reach out to Etta James by donating to this charity established in her name, that would be a very kind gesture. Donto James is in charge of this foundation, administrating it with his wife Christy Berry James, who happens to be Richard Berry‘s youngest daughter. (How’s that for a LOUIE LOUIE connection?)

Please visit their website at:
Etta James Help At

Meanwhile, here’s a great clip of Etta performing “Something’s Got a Hold On Me” with Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown

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  • geralyn gallagher

    My Mother in law also received a possible diagnosis of possible dementia (alzheimer’s is a form of dementia),However like Eta James she had a Urinary Tract infection and was treated in the hospital with IV therapy. A patient with a severe UTI often diplays signs of confusion. I am keeping Etta James in my prayers,She is truly a fine artist and am sure a lovely person.

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