Otis Day of “Animal House” Live in Chicago 2010 – LOUIE of the Week

This week’s LOUIE of the Week is a recent performance of Otis Day of the movie “Animal House” performing LOUIE LOUIE at Faith & Whiskey in Chicago during John Belushi‘s Birthday Weekend, just a few days ago on Saturday, January 23, 2010.

This particular version is dedicated to one of Chicago’s finest, Mrs. Wyn Martello, who passed away on Monday. Wyn was the mother of my friend Andy Martello, a comedian / juggler that happens to share an affinity for LOUIE LOUIE. Andy told me that his mom was so cool about his LOUIE-appreciation that she would go out and buy LOUIE LOUIE items for him! Ya gotta love that!

Wyn Martello, friend of LOUIE, mother of ANDY

Thank you Wyn Martello! You will be missed!

Our prayers go out to the Martello family during this very sad week.

We’ll celebrate her spirit with more LOUIE LOUIE, live from Chicago!

P.S. By the way, if you’re not familiar with how Otis Day got started with his musical career, it’s a fascinating story

1 comment to Otis Day of “Animal House” Live in Chicago 2010 – LOUIE of the Week

  • Thanks much, Eric. Not necessary, but appreciated.

    It was on my mom’s computer (my first time on the internet) where I first looked up “louie louie” and found both your site and Theo’s. Was shocked to find other folks as crazy as I was regarding this song…and to find out my paltry collection at the time wasn’t even one fifth of the known ones in existence. 😉

    She was, in her own way and at her own times, a very cool lady. She’d be happy to see you saying something so nice in such a forum. I thank you very much.


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