Happy April’s Fool Day!

A big happy April’s Fool’s Day to all of you that stumbled over to LOUIE LOUIE.net yesterday.

I am NOT transforming LouieLouie.net into Feelings-Nothing-More.com!

I repeat, I am NOT transforming LouieLouie.net into Feelings-Nothing-More.com!

Here’s some fun comments I got on April First:

Stretch wrote:

Wow…I never I thought I’d admit this, but…I guess I have no choice.
I’ve been in the retail record business pretty much from 1980-2002. From clerking to managing to owning the place. In that time I amassed quite a large collection of 45s, lps, cassettes, videos, cds, and dvds. I saved alot of groups and songs, in addition to my large collection of all things “Louie Louie”.
One of the things I collected was various versions of several oddball songs, songs you wouldn’t normally play around the house, or even let others know about. “Feelings” was one of them. I probably have about 333 different versions of the song in my archives.

Louie B. of Seattle wrote:

Actually the main reason I support this is in defiance to the State of Washington, which refused to choose “Louie Louie” as its state song.
I’m going to follow Eric’s lead and will change my name to “Feelings”.
My nickname will no longer be “Louie Louie”, but “Feelings Feelings”

Brian S. wrote:

12:01 AM ? Are you sure you’re not over-reacting to a late night dinner of overly spicy food?

Cass wrote:

I’m sorry… Sounds like someone had a sharp [somethingorother]”


I am continuing to produce and direct my documentary of the world’s most controversial rock and roll song. I am continuing to actively seek out more materials for the documentary.

Meanwhile, is anyone interested in picking up a LOUIE LOUIE t-shirt?

Louie shirt

More details to follow

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