Archival LOUIE clips found at is a very interesting website. People get the opportunity to share video clips with the world. It’s a wild mix of home movies, commercials, documentaries, music videos, and oddball shorts that folks just feel like sharing. Many of these films are self-produced, while many others are archival recordings shared without any implied copyright.

You want to see “Brokeback to the Future”- the mutant remix of of two blockbuster movie trailers? This is a good place to find it!

For the archivist of “all things LOUIE LOUIE,” this is also a place where you can download a TV clip of the Kingsmen performance on Shindig (featuring Lynn Easton on lead vocals), an audience video of Toots & the Maytals performing LOUIE LOUIE live in Barcelona, a quick little snippet of Bruce Springsteen playing LOUIE LOUIE as part of his performance of “Glory Days” for the last David Letterman show on NBC, and a trailer for a low budget zombie movie that uses LOUIE LOUIE as the soundtrack.

Legal? Probably not, so get it NOW if you want it…..

Just click HERE, where you should be able to find these clips and more…. unless they’ve already been removed……

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