LOUIE Radio tonight- Sunday Feb 26th

Tonight on the Allan Handelman’s “Rock Talk” radio show, there will be a big chunk of the show dedicated to the subject of LOUIE LOUIE. Dick Peterson the Kingsmen, will be discussing his new book, “LOUIE LOUIE- Me Gotta Now!” This will be a live interview from 10pm to 1am, EST, broadcast on WRFX 99.7 in the Charlotte, North Caroline area, or webcast to the world via webstreams.

Joining the festivities will be my pal Andy Martello of Andy Land. This should be a lot of fun!

3 comments to LOUIE Radio tonight- Sunday Feb 26th

  • And if ya have a high-speed connection and would like to save the segment for the Louie Louie news group, I know that would be appreciated. I’d do it, but…[sigh]…I’m on dial-up and can’t guarantee I’ll get it. I know, I know. LOL

    Should be loads of fun. That kind of silly fun that makes all this Louie collecting somehow worth it. 😉

    Thanks for the plug, Eric.

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