Jimi Hendrix in San Jose, CA

I haven’t actually heard this yet, but according to my pals Gerry & Suzy Fialka, there is a recorded version of LOUIE LOUIE by Jimi Hendrix! Apparently somewhere during the warm-up of the Isle Of Fehmarn show, Jimi plays a few bars of the song. This sounds wonderful!

For my documentary, I’ve got interviews with old Seattle bandmates Terry Johnson and Curtis Simuel talking about playing LOUIE LOUIE with Jimmy (pre-Jimi) in the Rockin’ Kings. I tracked down his old roadie, Lemmy of Motorhead, who told me all about hearing his old boss playing the song during soundchecks. I even shot footage with Jack Ely of the Kingsmen, talking about playing with Jimi before he was famous, then meeting up with him after he made it big. But up until now, I’ve never been able to find any actual recordings of Seattle’s most famous rockstar performing the unofficial anthem of the Pacific Northwest. Until now.

Authentic Hendrix, the online website created by Experience Hendrix LLC, the family company, is now selling authorized “bootlegs” of Jimi’s shows, including the Isle Of Fehmarn show, which turned out to be the very last show by the Jimi Hendrix Experience. You can order this CD by clicking here.

2 comments to DISCOVERED: Jimi Hendrix does LOUIE LOUIE!

  • VERY COOL! I’ll have to look into ordering that. Always thought there would be a Hendrix LL. perhaps there are more lurking about

  • Rob

    I actually heard the Hendrix version of Louie Louie on Princeton University’s Radio station WPRB in1980-something! It was amazing, superpowered, and much slower than the original. Never heard it since, and have been unable to procure a copy.

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