Fremont High Marching Band – LOUIE of the Week (5x)

This week’s LOUIE is courtesy of the Fremont High Marching Band with six five YouTube clips!

I’m not sure which “Fremont High” this is, as the Youtube descriptions don’t really provide much detail. In the SF bay area, there’s a “Fremont High” in Oakland and Sunnyvale, as well as the towns of Los Angeles […]

Kingsman: The Secret Service- a movie that probably has NOTHING to do with LOUIE LOUIE

…. but then again, I haven’t heard the soundtrack yet.

What the hey, it IS a catchy name for a movie!

This film opens in the USA on February 13.

Suburban Radio – LOUIE of the Week

This week’s LOUIE is by a band known as Suburban Radio. Their YouTube page describes what they do…

Mixing the high energy fast paced music of The Ramones and The Clash with a rock sound influenced by the likes of The Beatles and The Who with a hint of folk, ska and alternative rock to […]

RIP: Kim Fowley, co-producer of Richard Berry post-LOUIE songs

Kim Fowley, the legendary Hollywood huckster, eccentric music producer, singer-songwriter, Svengali music biz mastermind, and author of the autobiography “Lord of Garbage,” has died at the age of 75 years old.

Kim Fowley lived an extremely vivid life filled with incredible stories with a multitude of people in the entertainment industry.

About a year […]

R.B. Firebirds (KFJC version #152) – LOUIE of the Week / KFJC Max LL database notes

This week, we share another tasty nugget from the LOUIE archives.

Back in the early 80s, there was a rockin’ little band in the San Jose area that provided some fine music in a handful of little bars. The R.B. Firebirds was a dynamic band featuring Kelly Smith, Paul “Bosco” Haggard, Tony “Butthouse” […]

Les Lumbagos – Happy New Year LOUIE of the Week

This week, LOUIE LOUIE is part of a New Year’s celebration with Les Lumbagos. LOUIE kicks in at about 1:05.


A-Team Mystery Version – LOUIE of the Week

This year, we start with a mystery…

A few weeks ago, I received a email from Tobias Schmahl of Germany:

I found your Blog because it is mentioned on the German Wikipedia page about “Louie Louie”.

I would like to ask for your help concerning “Louie Louie”. Do you remember the A-Team, starring George Peppard […]

Happy New Year to All!

I send out a wish for a Happy New Year to all my friends out in the LOUIE universe! May it be happy and healthy!