Michael and the Shades – LOUIE of the Week

With special thanks to my friend Todd Somers, I am to share a vintage performance captured 30 years ago!

This week’s LOUIE is by Michael and the Shades – live at Off Sunset in Hollywood (now Crazy Girls) March 1984.

According to the YouTube description, this performance features the late, lamented Mike Shelton […]

Johnny Thunders – LOUIE of the Week

When I don’t get around to posting a LOUIE of the Week until Friday, it’s a sign that things have been pretty hectic at LOUIE Central.

Looking at the website, it appeared that I never acknowledged Johnny Thunders’ contribution to the LOUIE Universe, so today looks like a good day to rectify that situation.


RIP: Johnny Winter – LOUIE of the Week

I was running late with this week’s LOUIE, and certainly didn’t plan to to utilize it again as I’ve done in the past to pay tribute to another departed musician… but life often throws you a curveball, as it did this week.

Johnny Winter was an exceptional musician whose work I always enjoyed. In […]

Heinz- Questions I Can’t Answer – LOUIE (Bastard) of the Week

Following up on last week’s blog post, which touched on the concept of “LOUIE Mutants” and “LOUIE Bastards,” here’s another song that could fit into either category.

“Questions I Can’t Answer” was recorded and released by Heinz in 1964 on the Columbia label in the UK, and the Tower label in the USA. According […]

RIP: Jini Dellaccio, music photographer

Jini Dellaccio, photographer of many great rock bands, has passed away at the age of 97. If you’ve paid attention to this project, you’ve seen her work. She’s created some unforgettable, iconic images of The Sonics, The Fabulous Wailers and various musicians from the Pacific Northwest.

On the website of the documentary on her […]

The Nips – Gabrielle – LOUIE (Mutant) of the Week

This week, we’ll point the mighty LOUIE spotlight at what we at LOUIE CENTRAL like to call a “LOUIE Mutant”- a song that borrows heavily from LOUIE LOUIE, but is another song entirely, as opposed to a “LOUIE Bastard,” which would be a completely blatant swipe of LOUIE LOUIE, albeit with a different song […]