The Nips – Gabrielle – LOUIE (Mutant) of the Week

This week, we’ll point the mighty LOUIE spotlight at what we at LOUIE CENTRAL like to call a “LOUIE Mutant”- a song that borrows heavily from LOUIE LOUIE, but is another song entirely, as opposed to a “LOUIE Bastard,” which would be a completely blatant swipe of LOUIE LOUIE, albeit with a different song title.

Sometimes it does get a bit confusing, trying distinguish whether a song might be a LOUIE Mutant or LOUIE Bastard.

A LOUIE Mutant might be something like “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” which starts off the same chord progression, holds onto to the riff for an extended period, but becomes another song entirely.

A LOUIE Bastard could be something Frank Zappa‘s original version of “Plastic People,” which sounded just like LOUIE LOUIE, but with completely different lyrics. (Songwriter credit was eventually given to Richard Berry in subsequent releases of the song)

Anyways, this week’s LOUIE shall be a LOUIE mutant called “Gabrielle,” a 1979 record released by a band known as the Nips.

The Nips, also known as The Nipple Erectors, were a English punk rock band formed in London in 1976 by female punk artist Shanne Bradley and were notable for the being the very first musical group featuring Shane MacGowan, who later formed the Pogues.

You can learn more about the Nips by checking out the Wikipedia entry on the Nips, or The Nips: Licensed to Cool – unofficial fan site page.

Anyways, here’s The Nips – Gabrielle!

The Nips (featuring The Pogues’ Shane MacGowan)

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