Hal and Art – LOUIE of the Week

This week’s LOUIE is part of what looks like a fun little summer party at somebody’s backyard. Hal and Art sing Louie Louie and Gloria at some place called “Matlby” and BillWhelan781 was there to capture it for posterity.

And for this reason, we shall celebrate…



Tiger – LOUIE of the Week

The LOUIE of the Week is a bit late this week. Ye administrator is pre-occupied this week, helping out a dear friend who had to deal with a special medical operation on Tuesday. Twas a 400 mile drive to boot, with a diversion a few days earlier in Tarzana, CA to celebrate a special anniversary […]

The HighSpeedMeditation Bowl Choir- LOUIE of the Week

This week’s version is a minimalist version of the song.

In fact, I have a feeling if it weren’t labeled LOUIE LOUIE, many of you would probably not even recognize it as such.

The HighSpeedMeditation Bowl Choir takes this week’s spot.


The Attention! – LOUIE of the Week

My friend Joe Maccoll told me about this one. This is The Attention!, doing the song live @ The Roadhouse, which I think is in Austria on January 27, 2012.


Jack Ely, former lead singer for the Kingsmen commented on this version:

“I especially like where he says he catches a train across […]