Tiger – LOUIE of the Week

The LOUIE of the Week is a bit late this week. Ye administrator is pre-occupied this week, helping out a dear friend who had to deal with a special medical operation on Tuesday. Twas a 400 mile drive to boot, with a diversion a few days earlier in Tarzana, CA to celebrate a special anniversary of a beloved author…

Would you believe I even failed to acknowledge the special anniversary of August 19th- a special date in LOUIE LOUIE history? Yes, it’s absolutely true… I was indeed distracted…

I digress? Absolutely….

This week’s LOUIE LOUIE is a 1975 recording by a band known as Tiger. It’s not even the Richard Berry song, but it is indeed a song called “Louie Louie.”

Here’s the YouTube description….

Danish Glam Rock, the single Superman’s band/Louie Louie came out in 1975, the picture sleeve is from the full album that came out with the name “Superman’s band” with 10 songs.


More details on the record can be found at:


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