Laundry Works All-Stars (1980’s) – LOUIE of the week

Here’s a YouTube video clip that I’m really surprised I didn’t see until recently.

Back in the mid-late 80’s, there was a pretty vibrant music scene in San Jose, California. There were a lot of great bands in the area that were performing original music, and getting some decent-sized crowds – The Kingpins, Frontier Wives, […]

Update on Franklin High

In a previous posting, I mentioned a 1966 recording of LOUIE LOUIE by the Franklin High School Choir Orchestra and Stage Band. At the time I wrote it, I wasn’t sure where this high school was located but I had a feeling it was based in Seattle.

I just received another message that confirms […]

Eight more days ’til Courtmen show

For those of you that would like an opportunity to see the guy that sang LOUIE LOUIE with the Kingsmen, you’ve got a chance next weekend. Jack Ely, who left the band before it had the big hit, and wasn’t allowed to rejoin, is doing a big show with his Courtmen next weekend..

The National […]

Tex & Horseheads – LOUIE of the Week

It’s time for another rare LOUIE from the E.P. archives!

In the early-mid 1980’s, I was just getting started in the video biz. The LOUIE project began with the help of a local public access channel that allowed me to borrow a big 3 tube video camera with a 3/4″ Umatic portapack. I didn’t […]

David Marks – LOUIE of the Week

With a tip of the hat to Gary Pig Gold, here’s the latest LOUIE of the Week:

It’s a jazzy version of the song by David Marks live in Atlana on August 2, 2009 with support from Jez Graham, David Ellington, David Logeman, Del Baroni and Chuck Bithorn.


A New Documentary featuring Richard O’Barry

I pay very close attention to documentaries. It’s a genre dear to my heart as I continue to work on my big epic. I want to see these films, and see how they’re financed, produced, and marketed….

Some told me all about The Cove, a documentary about dolphin genocide. It’s supposed to be an […]

Palmetto State in 1983 – LOUIE of the Week

This month, I decided I’m going to share more rarities from the E.P. video archives. I’m sitting on a lot of unreleased footage, and my documentary is taking longer to finish than I’d like, so I think it’s time to share some footage while people are still alive to enjoy it all.

Here’s Palmetto State, […]