Franklin High (1966) – 1st high school recording? – LOUIE of Week

This week, I’m awarding the LOUIE of the Week award to a thrift store special. My pal Jeff Miller of Wiley’s Golden Oldies of Tacoma sent this LP to me. As luck would have it, I’m thinking this could very well be the world’s FIRST high school recording of the iconic melody.

This is […]

The Performance Rights Act

Sometime within the next week or so, there will be a new LOUIE LOUIE story from Associated Press, highlighting Jack Ely‘s testimony for the United States Senate. Jack is pushing for better laws so he could receive more compensation from his original 1963 recording with the Kingsmen. Here’s a quick summary of a new law […]

Cassady’s Hammer – LOUIE of the Week

Today is the birthday for my friend Jeff “Stretch” Riedle, the man whose antics inspired the infamous KFJC Maximum LOUIE LOUIE marathon, and the big LOUIE LOUIE documentary project which this website is all about. Today, Stretch is probably lounging around on some Santa Cruz beach in his birthday suit. Or maybe he’s hammering away […]

Todd Snider’s Ballad of the Kingsmen – LOUIE of the Week

OK, I lied. There will be a LOUIE of the Week. Someone just sent me a clip of Todd Snider doing his song “The Ballad of the Kingsmen.” This is a funny little song, and there’s snippets of LOUIE LOUIE in this one…

I think I’ll try to make Tuesday the semi-official day of […]

No LOUIE of the Week this week

I’m sorry… I’m not naming a LOUIE of the Week this week. Things have been kind of hectic, and I’m sorting through a lot of loose ends right now.

Besides, did you see Mike’s big list? This thing is AMAZING!

Mike’s Amazing MySpace LOUIE LOUIE List

My friend Mike Hintze assembled an incredible list of MySpace pages that feature a version of LOUIE LOUIE!

OK, here’s a little LL Day present for you all. Over the past several months, I’ve managed to find a whole bunch of new LL versions from bands’ MySpace pages. Here are the links for those pages […]

It’s International LOUIE LOUIE Day- time for BUFFALO CHIPS!

Today is April 11th, International LOUIE LOUIE Day!

To celebrate this special moment, I’m sharing a rare performance from the E.P. archives, captured from the big event that got me hooked into this LOUIE LOUIE universe.

This is the Buffalo Chips, performing live at the KFJC Radio “Maximum LOUIE LOUIE” marathon on August 20, 1983 […]

Countdown to International LOUIE LOUIE Day

Tomorrow, Saturday, April 11th is International LOUIE LOUIE Day!

To celebrate this special event, I will be sharing a rare, never-before-seen video from the E.P. video archives of a LOUIE LOUIE performance that took place at the infamous KFJC MAXIMUM LOUIE LOUIE marathon. It was at this event where I realized what a significant song […]

LOUIE LOUIE community on Facebook

For those of you that are using the Facebook social network, there’s now two new places where a LOUIE LOUIE suporter can visit – the LOUIE LOUIE Party, and the Richard Berry Facebook page.

Obviously, Richard Berry is not a participant on Facebook, as he passed away in 1997, but this is a […]

Bandazik (a French band) – LOUIE of the Week

I’m running a little late week, as it’s been hectic, but I want to give a shout-out to a French jazz band known as Bandazik, which wins this week’s LOUIE of the Week award!

I don’t read or speak French, but I’ve been able to determine that this is a performance at the Cressensac on […]