The Dancing Hamster toy – LOUIE of the Week

This isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned the Dancing Hamster toy that sings “LOUIE LOUIE.” The first time I mentioned it was a year and a half ago. It was four days before the LOUIE Fest 2007, and someone had shared a video of this toy for the LOUIE Fest contest.

This time I’m mentioning […]

Vintage mash-up of NW rock song from E.P. archives

I’ve been shooting videos of bands that I loved for many years. Some of the video I’ve shot I’ve shared by incorporating into various projects, or by posting fun little YouTube clips. There’s a lot of material I’ve shot I’ve been sitting on for ages.

This week, I posted a 1992 clip of The Guttersluts […]

The Douchebags create “1,784th Version of LOUIE LOUIE” and win LOUIE of the Week award

Today, this week’s LOUIE of the Week award goes out to a band that is both funny, imaginative, and quite annnoying.

Ladies, and gentlemen, meet The Douchebags, performing what they are calling “The 1,784th Version of LOUIE LOUIE!”

The Douchebags are a punk rock band from Akron, Ohio, and you can hear more […]

Husker Du and friends – LOUIE of the Week

This week as part of the ongoing LOUIE of the Week feature, we celebrate a version of the song by Husker Du live at the Stone in San Francisco on March 1, 1985. They are joined by members of the other SST bands that played that night – Meat Puppets, Minutemen, Saccharine Trust and SWA.


Dick Dale – LOUIE of the Week

Dick Dale is an amazing guitarist. He shares some common histories with Richard Berry, the man who wrote LOUIE LOUIE. Both musicians performed at the Harmony Park Ballroom. Both musicians utilized the Rillera Brothers to back them up whenever they performed at this venue.

Dick Dale was bound to do a version of LOUIE LOUIE, […]

The Acid Fascists – LOUIE of the Week

The Acid Fascists of England have been sharing some fun recordings with me, so with the unveiling of their new LOUIE LOUIE YouTube clips, I decided to award them with a LOUIE of the Week trophy today.

Unfortunately, there is no actual trophy. I haven’t even gotten around to creating a special graphic for […]