Dave Matthews Band and Toots Hibbert – LOUIE of the Week

I’d heard about the Dave Matthews Band doing LOUIE LOUIE. In fact, last year I mentioned that LOUIE LOUIE was part of song called “Warehouse” which was on “The Best of Whats Around Vol.1″ 2-CD collection. If you look on YouTube, you can find some different video clips of this song, including an undated, no-location […]

LOUIE LOUIE for President!

The rumors are true.

LOUIE LOUIE is a candidate for President of the United States of America.

For more information about this breaking development, go to: News30online.com

Right Now – the music videos

Right now, I’m thinking a lot of things. I’m thinking about the brilliance of George Carlin, who I really didn’t think would die when he did. I’m thinking about the future of America with the big election in November. I’m thinking about how to simplify this very complicated story that I’m making a big documentary […]

No LOUIE Fest for 2008

There will not be a LOUIE FEST this year. Here’s the official word from the LOUIE FEST MySpace page:

Due to circumstances beyond our control, LouieFest ’08 is cancelled. Information will be available in the coming weeks regarding LouieFest ’09. We have some great sponsors lined up and this will be the biggest and best […]

RIP: George Carlin, an honest comedian

As I got home late Sunday night / early Monday morning, I checked my email and got the word that George Carlin had died at the age of 71 years old.

I can think of seven words to describe what I’m feeling about George’s death, and they’re definitely not suitable for broadcast.

Nine years […]

Louie the dog sings opera – LOUIE of the Week

I have a feeling that a few folks are probably going to be disappointed that I didn’t feature a new version of Richard Berry’s song this week.

Instead, it’s a dog named “Louie” singing along to La Wally, a beautiful song I loved hearing in the movie DIVA.

It is a LOUIE, but it’s […]

BEST video of guy in chicken suit singing LOUIE = LOUIE of Week!

Anybody crazy enough to sing LOUIE LOUIE in a chicken suit deserves some kind of award!

This week we’ll give him the LOUIE of the Week Award to Evil Leeech just because he deserves some kind of acknowledgement

This version is also the winner of the BEST VERSION OF LOUIE LOUIE PERFORMED IN […]

Columbus Discoveries

Last week, I was treated to a nice little diversion by my friends Greg & Nastasia, who invited me to visit them in Columbus, Ohio. In addition to providing me with wonderful company, great conversation, and extremely delicious meals, they also created a nice little cake to celebrate this little LOUIE project of mine. […]

Sonics in Seattle – a Halloween Homecoming!

Mark your calendar – this is a biggie! After some very successful reunion shows at New York, London, and Barcellona, the Sonics have finally announced a show in their home turf.

The Sonics Paramount Theatre, Seattle, WA Fri, Oct 31, 2008 08:00 PM Tickets available at Ticketmaster.

I just ordered mine.

Maybe I’ll see […]

Google News in a better world

This has absolutely NOTHING to do with LOUIE LOUIE, but I really love Fugue.com’s Imaginary Google News.

Wish it were true….