Meet the Cavestompers!

I am proud to share a couple of new LOUIE LOUIE videos from my new MySpace friends.

Ladies and gentlemen, live from Moscow, Russia, meet THE CAVESTOMPERS!

The Sonics Reunion that I Misssed … *%@#&!?!

If a certain client would have paid me for a job I did two months ago, I would have gladly flown to New York last weekend to see the reunion of the Sonics. I would have loved to have been there for this once-in-a-lifetime event, but some things don’t always turn out as planned, unfortunately.


Yet another image from KFJC marathon

Here’s a tasty nugget from the past. Long before I ever thought about producing a documentary on the song LOUIE LOUIE, I created a little photo illustration to promote the then-upcoming KFJC radio marathon. I asked a few friends (Melinda Fletcher and Terry Hopkins) if they wouldn’t mind participating in a little film-noir-type photo […]

Let’s Get Lost and other future E.P. eBay auctions

I do need to thin out my massive collection. I have a lot of things in my archive, and I am running out of room in a crowded little house. Then again, there’s also that “lack of money” thing. I’m still grumbling about missing the Sonics reunion in New York tonight. If certain folks would […]