Rare photos of Jack Ely & Courtmen

Here’s a little test… See how many differences you see between the photo on the right and the photo on the left?

OK, here’s another set of images. How many differences did you see this time?

Both of these sets are near-identical photographs of Jack Ely & the Courtmen, the group created by […]

Smoking on the Last Wednesday of September

A lot of bloggers have their own special codes for letting folks know they’re too busy to do regular blogging. I’ve always liked what Mark Evanier does at his NewsFromMe.com site – he posts a photo of a can of Campbell’s soup. If you see a can of Campbell’s soup on his blog, he’s […]

1972 video clip of MC5 doin’ LOUIE (plus Segon Origen)

Thanks to my YouTube subscription, I now know about a very rare LOUIE LOUIE video clip from 1972. Here’s MC5 Live at Kulttuuritalo Helsinki Finland 17 Nov 1972

Here’s another fine LOUIE LOUIE performance along the same lines I recently found on YouTube. Here’s Segon Origen from Barcelona, Spain recently doing the SONG…


Danish LOUIE Lyrics

Like clockwork, every week, I get a trickle of emails asking about the lyrics of LOUIE LOUIE. Thanks to my robotic email responder, I can send out a standard response referring people to the webpage that explains why I don’t share lyrics on this page.

Today, I’m going to deviate ever so slightly from that […]

RIP: Village Music & Sweetwater, Mill Valley, CA

I’ve been putting off this posting for some time. I’ve got way too many good memories, and I wasn’t sure how I wanted to address this. With less than two weeks to go, I figured I might as well get off my butt and write something.

One of my favorite record stores, Village Music in […]

Garage Bands from the 60s- East Bay

It’s hard to do it all, especially when there’s more than one thing happening all at once.

When I was attending the LOUIE FEST near Tacoma, Washington, there was also a FuzzFest Northwest taking place in Portland, Oregon. As I stayed close to the event organized by the Wailers and company, I missed performances by […]


Over at the LOUIE LOUIE PARTY Yahoo group, there’s been some fairly active discussions lately, and some of this stuff was too good to not share. A theoretical question was asked about the “123-12-123-12” beat of LOUIE LOUIE…


Holy Crud – it’s a SONICS Reunion!

For the past week, I’ve been away, running around the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, enjoying the phenomenon that is Burning Man. I’d never been there before, and it was something far more special than I ever imagined. I actually came to this event to work on a documentary with some friends of mine, […]