Does the world need another version of LOUIE GO HOME?

Ace Records has somehow unleashed yet another variant on the LOUIE theme. “LOUIE GO HOME,” the big sequel to LOUIE LOUIE by Paul Revere and the Raiders, was recorded by the Fireballs during 60’s, and is now being reissued on a new compilation of vocal tracks by Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs. My friend […]

RIP: Harold Welch, bay area restaurateur, music promoter

A few days ago, I was reading the San Jose Mercury when I ran across an obituary of an old friend. Harold Welch was a very colorful character in the San Francisco Bay Area, and it saddens me that I hadn’t talked to him in many years. Looking at the obituary, it mentions that […]

YouTube presents Bob Dylan’s LOUIE LOUIE!

I love good ol’ YouTube! Somebody posted a rare clip of Bob Dylan and Tom Petty performing THE SONG! The venue was the rehearsal for the 1985 Farm-Aid.

Not the same Kingsmen

Contrary to certain rumors floating around cyberspace, the upcoming movie “All the Kings Men” starring Sean Penn is NOT the story of Lynn Easton, Jack Ely, Mike Mitchell, Dick Peterson, Barry Curtis, Don Gallucci, Bob Nordby, or even Norm Sundholm. It is based on a former governor of LOUISiana, but that’s probably the only […]

What about today?

Today, anyone that reads a newspaper, watches television, or surfs the web will be bombarded by commemorative tributes to the tragedy that happened five years ago. It was a terrible moment in the history of the United States, which can never be forgotten.

While many folks will forever link September 11 to the tragedies […]

Rare Kingsmen videos at YouTube

Here’s a litttle nugget from the 1980’s. Jack Ely, original vocalist for the Kingsmen‘s “LOUIE LOUIE,” did a little music video for his song “Highway Robbery.”

Speaking of the Kingsmen, did you know there were more than one band that used this name? Here’s a little movie short from 1942 entitled “Chool Song” […]

RIP: Huggy Boy, Los Angeles disc jockey

For many people growing in Los Angeles, disc jockey Dick “Huggy Boy” Hugg provided their first exposure to rhythm and blues music. For five decades, Huggy Boy was a true legend in the Los Angeles radio market.

And now, Huggy Boy is dead at the age of 78.

The Los Angeles Times has […]