Rare Kingsmen videos at YouTube

Here’s a litttle nugget from the 1980’s. Jack Ely, original vocalist for the Kingsmen‘s “LOUIE LOUIE,” did a little music video for his song “Highway Robbery.”

Speaking of the Kingsmen, did you know there were more than one band that used this name? Here’s a little movie short from 1942 entitled “Chool Song” featuring music by another band known as the Kings Men. This particular “soundie” features dancing by Dean Collins and Jewel McGowan. You can see a nice little demonstration of the dance known as the “Lindy Hop.”

Neither video features a version of LOUIE LOUIE, but since we’re talking about The Kingsmen, here’s another rare video clip I found on YouTube. This is an appearance by the Kingsmen on Hollywood A-Go-Go, featuring Lynn Easton singing a very short version LOUIE LOUIE, followed by “Money (That’s What I Want).”

All three of this videos feature some really fun dancing!

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