The LOUIE Kazoos of Peoria!

Right now in Peoria, Illinois, many people are gathering for a big celebration of LOUIE LOUIE. Here’s the full details of this event, according to the Peoria Parks website:

Event: Louie Louie Festival Date: Fri, May 26 Location: The Landing Hours: 3:00pm – midnight Admission: free

Description: The Illinois Valley Striders signal the beginning of […]

More on the FBI LOUIE files, and updates at LOUIE Central

It’s been a busy week over at LOUIE central. I’ve been picking up hard drives, transfering a lot of old interviews from old analog videotape to the digital domain, cursing along the way why certain formats such as Hi8 videotape seem to be a breeding ground for ugly looking drop-outs. It’s especially frustrating, as so […]