Twas many years ago today…..

It was on August 19, 1983, that my life was forever changed by a LOUIE LOUIE marathon at KFJC radio.

At the time, I was attending college at both Foothill College and De Anza College, learning about film, television and radio. KFJC radio, based at Foothill College, was a major magnet for all the […]

A LOUIE LOUIE Washington State quarter design!

My friend Mike Hintze came up with a very cool design for the upcoming Washington State quarter. Then again, I’m slightly biased….

The Louie Awards?

Despite rumors to the contrary, I had nothing to do with the LOUIE awards.

Live Music Archived for Free

The Los Angeles Times had a nice little article on August 8th about how the music industry is becoming more englightened about the concept of free sharing of live concert recordings. Following the lead of the Grateful Dead, more bands are allowing the fans to preserve those special once-in-a-lifetime performances… as long as the music […]

The Barry Curtis website + the Nikki Carter benefit

I just found out my pal Barry Curtis now has a website –

Barry Curtis joined the Kingsmen back in 1963 after they found success with LOUIE LOUIE. Before that, he was in a Yakima, Washington-based band known as the Redcoats. At different points of his career, he’s been in the Daily […]

Laughing and Crying Music

OK, here’s another entry that has absolutely nothing to do with LOUIE LOUIE, but I couldn’t resist sharing.


Inigo Cubillo, a collector of 78 records, presents an excellent collection documenting “laughing records” and “crying records.” From The Shellac Shanty site:

“In the infancy of recorded sound technology, record labels had different ideas about […]

A CD that’s more annoying than 24 versions of LOUIE LOUIE

For the past couple of Saturday nights, I’ve had to deal with some rather annoying neighbors that have been throwing some very loud parties with really awful “dance” music. The first time I dealt with these parties was when I came home after being on the road for two days on the road with very […]

A One-Stop Rock Merchandise Shop

Imagine one place where you can order legitmate, band-authorized merchandise by the Kingsmen, Big Brother & the Holding Company, The Archies (yes, the Archies), The Ventures, Mickey Dolenz, Commander Cody, and others…

When you go to, you can see all this and more…

Anyone need a LOUIE LOUIE T-shirt?