Road Blog- part 2

I spoke too soon about things working the way they’re supposed to.

Less than 12 hours from my last blog entry, my trusty little Powerbook decided to go on vacation. So here I am, thousands of miles from home, looking at a black screen of a computer that doesn’t want to start up. I have […]

Road Blog- part 1

It’s a wonderful thing when things actually work like they’re supposed to. Having experienced my share of technical snafus in the computer universe, it’s nice when I can make things work the first time around. HTML is not a language that comes natural to me. With a cheat sheet, I can tweak webpages to add […]

Scottville Clown Band

My pal Phil Dirt of KFJC just alerted me to an all-new LOUIE LOUIE. I haven’t heard it yet, but with name like the “Scottville Clown Band,” how can you go wrong?



Things are extremely busy over at central. In less than 48 hours, I’ll be on a plane to Washington DC on assignment for another video production project. While I’m in town, I plan to do some exploration at the National Archives and the Library of Congress for the LouieLouie project. I don’t know how […]

Google LOUIE Tricks

My pal Andy Martello stumbled over an interesting use of Google Language Tools with the song LOUIE LOUIE. Someone translated the song lyrics from English to German, then German to French, then French to English. The results are quite silly.

New LOUIE book from Dick Peterson

A few weeks ago, before the Michigan marching band controversy hit the news, I received this news:

Dick Peterson, drummer and vocalist for the Kingsmen has just signed a contract to publish Louie Louie (me gotta go now) the novel. Great pictures and etc. of the band, stories about the song etc. It should […]

Not LOUIE, but Crumb

OK, time for the first very non-LOUIE information for the LOUIE blog, just because I felt like sharing. Those that appreciate LOUIE LOUIE might also appreciate some other great pop culture. R. Crumb is a brilliant comic book artist/ social satirist whose work holds a high place of honor in my library. He’s also a […]

A very busy week at LOUIE central

This LOUIE project has provided a very interesting ride. When I first started this thing, I really knew absolutely nothing about LOUIE LOUIE, the career of Richard Berry, the Pacific Northwest rock scene, or this mysterious band known as the “Kingsmen.” Since I’ve been involved with this thing, I’ve dug up a lot of material […]

The marching band story

When it came to email, Thursday was a day that I was absolutely drenched with attention in the aftermath of the Michigan high school marching band story. In case you missed this news item, here’s what happened:

A pop culture controversy that has simmered for decades came to a head when a middle school marching […]

The LOUIE Blog Begins

May 5th was a very busy, crazy kinda day. I was absolutely swamped with emails all day regarding the Michigan middle school marching band story. Let’s put it this way… if I had a dollar for every email I received, I would have had a substantial chunk of money I could use towards completing this […]