Road Blog- part 2

I spoke too soon about things working the way they’re supposed to.

Less than 12 hours from my last blog entry, my trusty little Powerbook decided to go on vacation. So here I am, thousands of miles from home, looking at a black screen of a computer that doesn’t want to start up. I have no idea what caused this problem- a bad logic board, loose cables, or something else enitrely. Either way, it’s no fun, and I just wish it could have waited until I got home…

Thusday was the first day of my research at the National Archives, as I search for video footage I can use in my documentary. There’s quite a few restrictions in this place- no notepads, no pens, no jackets, no bags, and certainly no food or drink. Security is very high at this place, as I have to pass through 4-5 checkpoints before I can ever view any videotapes. The good news that I can dub clips directly to my digi-camcorder, and I now have a special ID card that features a cool graphic of the Constitution. This place is really quite fascinating.

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