Get your New Orleans music fix, donate to recovery

I received a nice little shout-out from the Shout! Factory:

“In the spirit of recovery, Shout! Factory will be donating all of the profits from sales made from the Shout! Factory website of the 4-CD box set Doctors, Professors, Kings & Queens: The Big Ol’ Box Of New Orleans through the end of 2005 […]

More thoughts on LOUISiana

All the eyes of the world are on the demaged gulf coast of LOUISiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Such a terrible tragedy made worse by an ineffective bureacracy. We’ll be talking about this one for a very long time.

LOUISiana isn’t an obvious reference point for the song “LOUIE LOUIE.” While author Richard Berry was born […]

RIP: Gatemouth Brown

My condolences go out to the family and friends of Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown, who died on Saturday.

Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown, was an extremely versatile musician that played blues, country, jazz, Cajun, and other variations of American music for over 50 years. For the past few years, he had been battling lung cancer and heart […]

Songs for This Week’s Jukebox

This week, it’s hard not to think about Louisiana, Mississippi, and other Gulf areas destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Here’s a few songs that I’ll be playing on my stereo:

“The City of New Orleans” – Steve Goodman, Arlo Guthrie, Johnny Cash “House of the Rising Sun” – Eric Burdon & Animals, Lead Belly, Nina Simone […]

Predicting the LOUISiana Disaster

Here’s an interesting excerpt from an article in National Geographic, dated October 2004:

Thousands drowned in the murky brew that was soon contaminated by sewage and industrial waste. Thousands more who survived the flood later perished from dehydration and disease as they waited to be rescued. It took two months to pump the city dry, […]

Hurricane Katrina Resources

This is not LOUIE-specific, other than a connection to LOUISiana, but in times of need, I’ll use this blog to share info about good things fellow humans are doing for fellow humans. As thousands of people are now homeless, seeking shelter, now is a very good time for folks to help those that need the […]

LOUISiana flooded, but Fats Domino lives!

Things have been rather hectic at LOUIE central for the past few weeks- construction work, broken video gear, lack of regular internet access for 4 days, and some kind of sinus-cold-flu infection that has given me congestion with a headache, but hey… I’m not complaining. At least I’m not in New Orleans, where it’s a […]